tasting template

Below you’ll find the tasting template I myself use (it’s a combination of templates I’ve used in the past) and will use for all tasting posts I share. Please feel free to utilize this as well for your own tasting experiences!

wine name:






  • clarity (clear or hazy):
  • intensity (pale, medium, or deep):
  • color (describe the shade of the wine):


  • condition (clean or unclean):
  • intensity (light, medium, strong):
  • aromas (what do you smell):


  • sweetness (dry, off-dry, medium, sweet):
  • acidity + tannin level (low, medium, high):
  • body (light, medium, or full):
  • flavors (what do you taste):
  • finish (how long does it linger with you):

conclusion (0-5):

0 – This wine needs to be poured down the sink and forever forgotten

1 – This wine should be returned to whomever it was purchased from

2 – If I throw up from this wine I’m not going to be mad, but I’ll know why I threw up

3 – I’d drink this at work

4 – I’d be open to sharing the bottle, but I really have to like you

5 – No one should plan to get a glass of this wine. It’s all mine and I will be finishing the full bottle


❤ happy tasting

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