emma reichart, dry riesling

Gosh, I was probably 10 or 11 the last time I had a lemonade stand. Every summer when I was younger, we would go to my Aunt Becky’s for a week. We called it camp Becky. Maria, Rachel, Danny, and I (all within 2 years of age of each other) would just hang out, catch up, and play. Typical young kid stuff.

Camp Becky – Year unknown (but obviously orange zip off pants were cool) Danny, Rachel, Maria, Aunt Becky, ME, + Mae

One summer we had a lemonade stand. I remember we rode bikes to the store to pick up that powdered lemonade that you mix with water and VIOLA, lemonade. Not gonna lie, I don’t remember how it tasted, but I do remember we had 1 customer that day. We definitely did not break even. Drinking this wine reminded me of that day.

All of us in 2011 (my sense of style obviously evolved) – Maria, Rachel, ME, + Danny

wine name: emma reichart

vintage: 2018

style/type: dry riesling

country/region: germany

price: $5


  • clarity: For sure clear
  • intensity: And very pale in color
  • color: If I had to call it anything it would be lemon yellow

ME in 2019 [style digression (if that’s a real word) to owl print, multicolored, Patagonia pullovers… at least I have a glass of wine in hand!]

  • condition: Definitely clean
  • intensity: With a medium nose. It’s there but not super pronounced.
  • aromas: This wine had an array of aromas such as lemon/citrus, grass, green apple, minerality, dare I say….chlorine?
I obviously just learned how to use captions in WordPress (…moves to having a bottle in hand)


  • sweetness: Maybe if it was sweet I’d like it more? But it was dry
  • acidity + tannin level: OH WOW it had high, high, high acidity (mouth puckering) + no tannins
  • body: And it had a medium body
  • flavors: I brushed my teeth about an hour before and then decided I should drink wine so my point of view might be a little-skewed right, but it kinda tasted like I sucked on a lemon, jumped in a pool (and swallowed some chlorine), and then felt that refreshing finish you get from a good glass of lemonade. It feels weird to write what I’m described at that very minute. It feels weird to have experienced that. I assume the chlorine taste is probably from the minerality in the wine, but when I drink dry riesling I always want that almondy and silky smooth taste and this was like drinking a super acidic Pinot Gris.
  • finish: It had a medium finish… kinda wish it wouldn’t linger so long … put your shoes on and go already!

conclusion (0-5): I wish I could call this a good Riesling, but it was of borderline acceptable quality. I’d give this a 1.5. I know that some folks seek this style so I get why it has the qualities that it has, but it’s not for me, “Thank you, Next!”


❤ happy tasting

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